Multiple Sclerosis

We can support you through the difficult times

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can vary from person to person. They may also fluctuate, some people have symptoms for a short period of time and then go symptom-free for months or even years. Others have symptoms more regularly. We will provide you with tailored service to meet your specific needs.


Treatment for MS will aim to slow the progression of the disease and control symptoms. In addition to prescription medications, therapies and lifestyle changes can improve the condition. Our team will help you to maintain your quality of life. We will create a personalised support plan with you. This could include:


  • Assistance¬† to manage your medicines;
  • Support with bathing and dressing;
  • Help with toileting and continence management;
  • Encouragement to establish a regular exercise routine to improve mood and mobility and to strengthen muscles;
  • Help to stay hydrated and maintain a balanced diet;
  • Assisting with managing household tasks and shopping.
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