What To Expect

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When you commence a service with us, we will arrange an initial visit to you by a member of our care planning team. They will support you for a number of your first visits and will then complete an assessment with you and, if requested, your representative. We will prepare a care plan with you. This will be based on your individual needs and wishes. It is a description of the help you need from us and how you would like it to be given.

Your care plan will be supported by risk assessments as our staff are working in your home. It is important your regular care team provide the best possible care possible in a safe way. Your care plan will be monitored and reviewed at regular intervals and, if necessary, revised.

The PASSsystem

We use a digital care planning and recording system called ‘The PASSsystem’. Your care worker will have The PASSsystem ‘app’ on their mobile phone. They will read your care file using this app and are required to use their mobile phone to record details of your visit so that this information can be read at our office. The care worker will be required to complete the record keeping during your visit and before leaving your home.

This system has major advantages because information is shared in ‘real time’:

  • As soon as we are notified by you or the care worker that there is a change to your medication we will be able to update your medication records;
  • When you or your representatives ask us to change your care plan, we will be able to make this change with immediate effect;
  • We will know if any medications or other care tasks have not been completed by the care team. We can then find out why and get in touch to put this right.
  • With your consent, the unique OpenPASS system will enable family and healthcare professionals real-time access to your care records from any location. This gives peace of mind to those who need to know that you are safe and cared for.

Your Visits

We also recognise it is important for you, wherever possible, to make choices about your care service and how it is delivered which reflects your personal preferences. This includes, wherever practicable, a choice of the gender of care worker assisting you with personal care.

You will be allocated key workers who will visit you on a regular basis.  We produce a weekly timetable to show you the approximate arrival times of our care team.


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